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It’s time to streamline, authenticate approvals

Approvals are key for any business to move forward to attain its end-goal. But what is more important is the time required to execute this process. Nowadays, no organization can afford time delays in approval processes, as this may cause heavy losses to the organizations. Therefore, businesses need a solution that can help users and management team approve document conveniently and securely on the move. But what's the way to make this process easy, and secure.

Take an example of an organization that requires the approval of its board of directors on important decisions. In this case approval process follows a sequence of multiple signatures before taking a concrete shape. Considering the traditional way of doing things, this may take several days to approve the decision. But, if things are faster, and 'on the move', then it may take some minutes to execute the process. What this guarantees is the efficiency and precision in delivering final output.

E-Lock mobiSigner allow organizations to add efficiency and streamline the approval process with convenient workspaces and workflows. Software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device with Internet connection to digitally sign documents. Access it from PC, laptop, mobile or any other device with 'No Downloads or Installs' at the client end.

So, Let's see above-mentioned scenario of approval process using mobiSigner. A manager or uploading authority uploads the file to the server for board members to sign it. Once uploaded, intimation is sent to the signatory authorities. As this file has to be signed in a sequence, an immediate signing authority receives the first intimation followed by subsequent authorities. Every time the file is signed the next signer gets an email on singing intimation. This makes entire process speedy and convenient.

Now, let us try another scenario. Here, an organization needs a solution (server or desktop software) that can allow the document creator to create and assign appropriate signature spots. It needs a solution that allows its signers to review and digitally sign the specific document anywhere, anytime, and at no costs. This way an organization is paving the way for smooth and convenient approval process.

Even in this scenario a solution like E-Lock mobiSigner is efficient and effective. mobiSigner can be easily installed on the enterprise server, and can be made to run immediately on the production environment, ensuring quick ROI through paperless process.

It concludes that with single software, organizations can make their approval process simpler and faster.

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