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What is Aadhaar based eSign

Aadhaar-based eSign is an electronic signature service initiated by the Government of India to facilitate recently to allow an Aadhaar card holder to digitally sign a document instantly. Any person with a valid Aadhaar card and a registered mobile number can esign documents from anywhere, anytime. esign service saves costs and time required to sign a document and it is also as legally valid as a handwritten signature or a digital signature done using digital signature certificate.

Difference between DSC based digital signatures and Aadhaar based eSign:

Digital signatures are done using Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) issued by Certifying Authorities. A digital signature certificate is stored on a USB dongle or some secure storage device and access to it is secured using a pin/ password.

eSign is done using Aadhar number of the signer. The signer submits his/ her Aadhaar number to the esign service and receives a time bound One Time Password (OTP) on his/ her registered mobile number. On entering this OTP, the signature gets stamped on the electronic document.

An esign service is ideal for processes where signers are varied, who need to sign documents instantly but not regularly and hence would not want to invest time and money in procuring DSC. eg: In case where customers of Organisations need to sign documents once in a while like application forms and documents, account opening forms, one time contracts and agreements etc. Signing for acceptance by employees etc, an esign is ideal.

Aadhaar based eSign can be used in various industries like Banking and financial services, telecommunication, education, retail, real estate etc. to sign documents like the application forms, account opening documents, agreements, letters, contracts, self attested documents, quotations, PO's etc.

Benefits of Aadhaar based eSign:

  1. Instant signing: Aadhaar based signing service allows users to sign documents instantly using Aadhar number
  2. Easy to use: The signers just need to have Aadhar number and registered mobile number
  3. Legally valid: The Indian IT Act 2000 legalises Aadhar esignature as legally valid as handwritten signature

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