The need for convenient and efficient government procedures is at the core of e-governance adoption worldwide. E-governance has emerged as an effective tool to bring transparency and productivity into government functioning. It facilitates a speedy process for distributing information to the public and other agencies, and for performing government administration activities.

This has led many countries to adopt legislation making the transition from paper-based environment to paperless environment legally valid across all levels. This transition not only addresses security and authenticity concerns, but also reduces paper dependency and red-tapism. The success of e-governance largely depends on the exchange of electronic documents, and therefore, digital signatures and electronic signatures come into play.

Traditional government procedures involve a piling up files and paper, making them time consuming and painful. This is often resulted in staff inadequacy and reduced productivity. It becomes a major challenge for the government agencies to deliver improved results while reducing costs and time. At first, the task seems to be impossible; however, with E-Lock nothing is impossible.

At E-Lock, itís our constant efforts to deliver solutions that can offer security along with savings on time, investment and paper. E-Lock offers the modular approach for implementing the digital signature and encryption solutions. With the help of digital signature technology, our solutions offer seamless paperless transaction and communication amongst various government agencies. Our prime objective is to make e-governance environment secure and safe. Along with security, we ensure online archiving facility for all reports to make them accessible any-time from anywhere. As all the reports/files/data are digitally signed and authenticated, it mitigates the possibility of repudiation.

Other benefits that customers can enjoy with E-Lock partnership are:

  1. Reduction of all paper-related costs
  2. Information accuracy
  3. Compliance with legal requirements
  4. Procedure transparency
Ministry of Defence (UK) uses customized E-Lock DeskSeal Desktop solution to digitally sign, authenticate and time stamp the reports from the Sky net Project.

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