E-Lock DeskSeal Desktop

E-Lock DeskSeal Desktop is a lightweight desktop utility which provides the users with the basic functions of digital signing and verifying the files of any type. As it is wizard-based utility, it enables even the novice user to digitally sign files of any format and verify them. DeskSeal Desktop is a PKCS#7 compliant utility. DeskSeal Desktop also offers encryption and decryption along with signing and verification.

Product Info

DeskSeal Desktop offers encryption and decryption

Along with signing and verification of file DeskSeal Desktop has features of encryption and decryption.


DeskSeal Desktop supports encryption of files of any format. A wizard guides you through the encryption process. You can configure the Crypto provider to encrypt with, the encryption algorithm and corresponding key length. You can specify multiple recipients for a single encrypted file.


DeskSeal Desktop supports decryption of files encrypted through DeskSeal Desktop or any other PKCS #7 compliant application. A user will only be able to decrypt a file if he / she has been specified as a recipient. On successfully decrypting a file, the user can choose to either open the original file or save it.

Other features of DeskSeal Desktop
  • Third Party Timestamp Support
  • With third party timestamp support, documents can be time stamped when signed from a trusted third party time source.

  • Support for Embedded Signatures in PDF
  • User can opt to have signatures embedded into PDF documents itself.

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