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How to maximise HR process efficiency with digital signatures
Process delays are one of the biggest causes of ineffectiveness, inefficiencies and poor performance in any organization. Many times HR resources are busy following lengthy HR processes, losing focus on goals and hampering productivity. A simple solution like

Electronic invoicing - legal implications and benefits
Digital India' initiative launched by Govt of India, lays emphasis on transforming India into a digitally empowered society and aims to enhance the digital infrastructure in the country. Central Excise Notification No 8/2015-CE(NT) dated 1.03.15 was issued to

Why e-invoicing should be an integral part of your business?
Electronic invoices are commonly used in most of the countries, as they are as legal as a paper document and saving time and cost for both the parties. There are still many organizations which are reluctant to change their old systems and continue to follow the same pen and paper method.

Electronic Signatures for Hierarchical Approval & Authentication – Vital need of corporate organizations
In corporate organizations approvals along with electronic signatures are required at every step of any business process. Many of the business processes require sequential approval in form of electronic signatures in hierarchical order, depending on the authorities involved in the process.

It's time to streamline, authenticate approvals
Approvals are key for any business to move forward to attain its end-goal. But what is more important is the time required to execute this process. Nowadays, no organization can afford time delays in approval processes, as this may cause heavy losses to the organizations.

Tips on Digital Signature
No doubt, digital signatures have made shift from paper-based environment to paperless environment easy; however, the need is to implement secure and innovative solutions to sign files digitally. Here are some useful tips to guide our readers to choose an accurate digital signature solution from this ‘crowded’ marketplace.

Paperless Office: The Need of the Hour
It was first coined in the early 70s in an article of Business Week. The economic uncertainty that looms large over today’s business world has forced many organizations to go paperless with their processes to save money. Also, this adds to the campaign of ‘Green’ cause that fortifies the importance of paperless mechanisms.

Bulk signing simplified for Telcos
The mobile boom has allowed telecommunication companies worldwide to add millions of new subscribers every month, resulting in massive customer-base. Now, the challenge is to hold on to this customer-base with innovative and smart business ideas.

New Green Path for Form 16 Signing Processes
The need for convenient and efficient government procedures has prompted many organizations and governments worldwide to go paperless from paper-based mode. While attaining transparency and productivity into their functioning, the transition to paperless environment facilitates a speedy information process to the public and other agencies.

Form 16 Signing: Go Paperless with Digital Signatures
Preparation and issuance of employees’ Form 16s is the cumbersome task at the end of every financial year. Traditionally, these forms have been signed and delivered manually; this whole process is time consuming, expensive, and cumbersome. The concept of digitally signing Form 16s is gaining momentum, allowing organizations to save time, money, and manpower, for important and critical operations. This not only helps in time management, but for getting enhanced Return on Investment (ROI).

Time-stamp Your Document Today!!!
While bidding for online tenders floated by the government, submitting online IT forms, or signing critical reports, it is highly recommended to record a time stamp of the signature to make sure the entire process was executed before the due date. Therefore, to attain authenticity and proficiency in the signing process, some digital signature solutions allow users to stamp and verify the signing time of the signer.

ROI Re-defined with Digital Signatures
In today’s economic climate, it is imperative for any business decision maker to minutely observe his/her company’s Return on Investment (ROI). A typical ROI analysis calls for the evaluation of an investment in terms of returns in a specific period.

Go Paperless. Go Green.
Go paperless and go green is the new mantra for today’s businesses that want to attain efficiency and speed in their processes. The challenge is to reduce paper dependence, and automate the processes through secure and legal mechanism.

Adobe-compatible ‘Remote Signing’
PDF signing offers security and confidentiality of signed documents along with authenticity. From individual document signing to bulk signing, PDF digital signature solutions will have much more utility as time passes.

Legal Validity Promoting Use of Digital Signatures
A tool for securing the integrity of digitally signed documents; the legal validity is pumping the acceptance of digital signatures in various environments. This legal validity is not only helping the end users, but also organizations to reach out to larger customer base with innovation and simplicity.

Digital Signature: A tool to Achieve Secure e-Transactions
The common consensus has reached on reducing paper dependence for processes and transactions, and efforts are on to promote green environment. The use of digital signatures not only brings the commercial advantages, but also makes you responsible towards environment, and society as a whole.

Bulk Signer: Fastest Way of Signing Files
The need of the time is to attain balance between time management and money management to make processes forceful and precise. To do that, businesses require a solution like Bulk Signer, which not only helps achieving process efficiency, but also an accuracy.

Digital Signatures Emerging as a Need
As we look to the future, the concept of digital signature is catching on within the government; banks and telecom industries are quite real and inevitable. The idea of digital signatures is getting bigger. This is because there are many transactions that will happen online and each company has to be prepared to figure out how to handle these without, making any legal problems.

PDF Signing Using Digital Signature Solutions
Digital signing solution can be used to encrypt the PDF file, giving the sender assurance that only the authorized recipients would be able to read the documents. These solutions automate the signing and encryption process so that the process can be carried out without any user intervention. These solutions also provide a number of additional features along with the PDF document signing facility.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - The Technology behind Digital Signatures
PKI technology is based mainly on the asymmetric cryptography - because it involves an asymmetric key pair. This key pair is comprised of a public key and a private key. A Certification Authority, who confirms and verifies the identity of an individual before issuing a certificate, certifies the key pair. This forms the 'Digital Identity' for that individual. The certificate issued is called the 'Digital Certificate'.

Profiles in ProSigner for Quick Signing of Electronic Documents
Digital signing of electronic documents is certainly a very responsible action. Once any person has signed any document he/she cannot repudiate from that responsibility. The whole idea behind the concept of digital signatures is non-repudiation and authentication of the person signing the document.

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