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PDFeSigner: Software for signing & mailing PDF files

E-Lock PDFeSigner is a simple, easy-to-use desktop software for signing multiple PDF files in single click. This PDF signing solutions helps organizations to digitally sign, password protect and email large number of PDF files at once. This software comes with a feature of sending these digitally signed PDF files through email using your e-mail system. PDFeSigner saves time, costs and efforts involved in process of printing, signing and distributing files.

PDFeSigner is ideal for processes signing documents like HR letters, PO's, invoices, statements, reports, TDS certificates etc. that can be signed and processed in bulk. The software signs these PDF files and can mail these signed files to the recipients/ employees email ids. The signing and mailing can be done in bulk, this saves time by undertaking the entire process in just few minutes.

Common Features of E-Lock Digital Signature Solutions
  1. Digitally signs and encrypts all the PDF files in bulk
  2. Inserts visible digital signature in the PDF files
  3. Configures the placement / size / contents of digital signature in the PDF files
  4. Signs the PDF files in native Adobe format
  5. Encrypts signed PDF files using specified passwords
  6. Signed PDF files can be viewed and verified (by just clicking on signature block) using Adobe Reader without needing any other verification utility
  7. Emails the digitally signed files to the recipients in single click


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