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BulkSigner: Automated, bulk signing software

BulkSigner is E-Lock's automated, unattended server side file signing solution. It runs on the server to sign files in an automated mode without needing any user intervention. Using this solution, thousands of files can be automatically signed at regular specified intervals.

Organizations that generate large volumes of documents like invoices, statements, bills, HR letters, PO's, reports etc can digitally sign in these in bulk. BulkSigner can digitally sign thousands of documents in few minutes. BulkSigner is widely used in processes like e-invoicing in different countries.


Bulk Signer Features

  1. Fastest automated server-side bulk signing
  2. Supports multiple signing profiles, which can run simultaneously for maximum operations
  3. Compatible with Windows7 and Windows 2008 Server
  4. SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 support for all files
  5. Reduced I/O operation for speedy processing
  6. PKCS#7 compliant software solution
  7. Signs files of any format
  8. Supports Adobe-compatible visible digital signatures in PDF
  9. Files can be signed using a certificate on the machine or on a smart card/e-token/HSM
  10. Local machine time is time stamped into the signatures
  11. Signing logs are generated

How Bulk Signer works

  1. Bulk Signer runs as a Windows Service on the Server
  2. User creates a Profile and configures settings for that User profile
  3. User can define an Input folder, signature placement, time interval to poll etc for that profile
  4. Input folder will be polled at regular intervals
  5. Any files found in the Input folder will be signed and moved to the pre-defined Output folder
  6. Multiple folder levels (sub folders) are also supported. In this case the entire Input folder structure will get re-created under the Output folder
  7. A folder called "failed" is reserved under the Output folder for files that could not get signed for some reason "success" or "failure" in signing is logged

Typical Usage Scenarios

This solution is typically used in a scenario where bulk file signing at high speed is the requirement.

  1. B&F sector: For Authenticating e-Statements, e-Reports to be sent to the clients
  2. User creates a Profile and configures settings for that User profile
  3. Telecom sector: For Bulk signing the bills and reports to be sent to the clients
  4. Insurance Sector: Digitally signing the insurance policies generated on the server, which can be electronically sent to end customer
  5. Signing e-Invoices: Bulk sign the e-Invoices generated by the third party application
  6. Other: e-documents generated in bulk and need digital signature authentication

Business Benefits

  1. Automate and make the business process paperless
  2. Provide security and authentication to the data
  3. Easy and seamless integration with online processes
  4. Compliance with standards / regulations
  5. Optimize business process efficiencies
  6. Cut operational costs
  7. Automated signing of files of any format (fast signing speed)

Bulk Signer - Server Requirements

  1. Windows 2000,Professional,Server or Higher
  2. IE 9.0 or higher
  3. Digital Certificate - installed in the IE browser without security or on a smart card / HSM registered with MS CAPI
  4. If smart card based / HSM based certificate is to be used for signing, the smart card driver / HSM driver should support signing in a silent mode if password is provided

Compliance with Industry & Government Standards

Bulk Signer enables the organizations to comply with rules and regulations pertaining to the use of Digital Signature and electronic transactions like

  1. E-Sign Act (US Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act)
  2. GPEA (Government Paperwork Elimination Act)
  3. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  4. 21 CFR Part 11(a regulation governing the use of electronic signatures within the pharmaceutical industry)
  5. EU law (EU Directive for Electronic Signatures)
  6. SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
  7. UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act)
  8. Indian IT ACT 2000
  9. PKCS#7 compliant software (an industry standard)
  10. It is also compliant with other laws that affect the management of electronic information

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