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Digital signature software for e-invoicing

Now digitally sign invoices, delivery orders, challans, consignment notes, form16s and other documents at just a click of your mouse. Studies have shown that total cost of manual paper invoicing can be much higher than e-invoicing. e-Invoicing can save costs, time and efforts.

The Indian Union Budget 2015-16 has allowed Invoices, Challans, and Consignment notes etc., to be digitally signed with digital signature certificates and sent to customers electronically. As per the regulations pertaining to invoicing, an invoice can be authenticated by means of a digital signature.

As a part of Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations in India, all invoices and forms that are uploaded as part of GST filings are required to be digitally signed. E-Lock Digital Signature software help your organization become GST compliant and save costs and improve process efficiency. PKI based Digital signatures are legally valid in India and other countries, hence the organisations can now send and store electronic invoices that are digitally signed using digital signature certificates.

Organisations can digitally sign their documents from anywhere, anytime, at just click of the mouse and easily transfer, store and retrieve signed documents. As a part of 'Digital India' initiative, many Organisations are shifting to paperless office. E-Lock provides different types of digital signing software suitable to different types of companies with different needs. We provide either independent, standalone software or solutions that can integrate with your applications to enable digital signing from within your application/ ERP. All types of organisations whether large or small, whether using ERPs, tally or MS office can use our digital signature solutions for digitally signing invoices and other documents.

Digital signing solution components:

    Digital Signatures for signing of Invoices
  1. Class 2 or Class 3 Individual and Organization digital signature certificates or Document Signer certificates issued by any certifying authority in India
  2. E-Lock digital signing software

Benefits of Digitally Signing Invoices and Other Documents:

digital sign invoice security
  • Automated electronic processes are cheaper
  • Electronic and Digital signatures are as authentic as hand written signatures
  • Electronic documents are easy to handle and transfer
  • Electronic documents can be immediately delivered to recipients over email
  • Electronic documents are easy to archive and retrieve whenever needed
  • Digital signatures can protect the authenticity and integrity of archived data
  • Companies can have integrated workflow. Signing, transfer, processing of electronic documents can happen within the system itself.
  • Digital signatures provide green, environment friendly alternative to paper intensive processes

Know more about digital invoice signing solutions

Why E-Lock:

E-Lock is a pioneer in the digital signature software space. It has been in the industry for more than 15 years. E-Lock solutions are easy to use and integrate with any existing or new applicaitons. E-Lock solutions are compliant with the digital signature laws in India, US and other countries. E-Lock has successfully provided its digital signature solutions to many well known organisations across several countries. Our clientele includes Corporates, Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, Manufacturing Industries, PSUs, State & Central Govt. Depts., Defence etc.

Digital Signature Solutions for Large Companies

Supersigner SDK

E-Lock offers PKI based digital signature software development kit (SDK), which can be integrated with any third party application. It imparts capability of PKI based digital signing and encryption. It is easy to integrate and fits easily into existing IT infrastructure that is in place without disturbing the existing work flow.


BulkSigner is E-Lock's automated, unattended server side file signing solution. It runs on the server to sign files in an automated mode without needing any user intervention. Using this solution, thousands of files can be automatically signed at regular specified intervals.

Digital Signature Solutions for SME's


E-Lock PDFeSigner is a simple, easy-to-use desktop software for signing PDF files. This PDF signing solutions helps organization to digitally sign PDF files at just a click of mouse. This software comes with a feature of sending these digitally signed PDF files through email using your e-mail system. Thus saving the hassle and cost of printing and distributing the files.

DeskSeal Desktop

E-Lock DeskSeal Desktop is a lightweight desktop utility which provides the users with the basic functions of digital signing and verifying the files of any type. As it is wizard-based utility, it enables even the novice user to digitally sign files of any format and verify them. DeskSeal Desktop is a PKCS#7 compliant utility. DeskSeal Desktop also offers encryption and decryption along with signing and verification.

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