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SuperSigner: Digital signature & encryption software

E-Lock SuperSigner is PKI based digital signature software that enables users to digitally sign and encrypt files of any format. It is legally compliant, easy to use software that allows users to shift from paper based processes to electronic ones. It helps lowering costs and efforts, speeding up processes, going paperless and achieving security and non-repudiation of documents.

This software is ideal of users who want to sign files from their desktop/ laptops, anywhere, anytime. It can sign files in PKCS#7 compliant manner using digital signature certificates issued by certifying authorities (CA). It supports digital certificates either on e-tokens or soft copy formats.

Product Features:
  • Signs and encrypts files in PKCS#7 format (industry standard)
  • Wizards and interface are compliant with Microsoft Standards
  • Signing confirmation prior to signing
  • Automatic certificate validation through CRL (Certificate Revocation List)
  • Supports verification and decryption of files signed using SuperSigner through any PKCS #7 compliant application
  • Third party time stamping support
  • Embedded PDF signatures support

Technical Compatibility:
  • Supports all smart cards and e-tokens
  • Supports MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
  • X.509 digital certificates by any trusted CA


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