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Digital signature software for e-governance

It is believed that use of information technology not only leads to more efficient, responsive and less costly administration, but also brings about fundamental changes in the relationship between citizens and public authorities and local governments. E-governance means providing technology driven or electronic access to information to bring about transperency in Government processes. e-governance is an innovative and transparent way to deliver government services and exchange information with citizens in a convenient and transparent way, saving time and money. In several countries, e-Governance is progressively evolving in G2C and G2B segments that aims to provide simple, accountable, responsive and transparent governance. There has been a consistent rise in the number of countries that are using e-governence or e-government to provide public services online through one stop-platforms an approach that makes it easier to access public services. The essence of e-governance is to reach the beneficiary and ensure that the services intended to reach the desired individual has been met with.

E-Lock digital signature solutions can easily integrate with any existing or new egovernance application to digitally sign & dispatch the documents in electronic format.

The e-governance can be used in following
Benefits of implementing e-governance:
  • For Government Agencies To improve its efficiency, improve customer relationships, enchance citizen involvement and transperency etc.
  • For Businesses To have access to public services on the Internet, to effectively collaborate with the Governments to promote economic development.
  • For Citizens To have easy access to services provided by Government agencies via the Internet, to learn new information with ease, to increase involvement in governance.
The e-governance processes that can be secured using digital signatures:

  1. e-office
  2. e-procurement
  3. e-tendering
  4. e-services
  5. e-ticketing
  6. e-banking
  7. e-learning
  8. e-registration
  9. e-filing
Ministry of Defence (UK) uses customized E-Lock DeskSeal Desktop solution to digitally sign, authenticate and time stamp the reports from the Sky net Project.

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