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E-Lock streamlined the entire process of e-Procurement through its customized SDK that can work with SAP environment on the server side.

Digital Signing via Browsers | Authentication of Online Bids | Secure Communication
Industry : Government Application : e-Procurement
Region : India Solution : DeskSeal Web + FormSeal
E-Lock's customized solution streamlined the e-Procurement process.
Customer Profile:
Oil India Limited (OIL) is a premier National oil company, engaged in the business of Exploration, Production and Transportation of Crude Oil and Natural Gas. Oil India Limited is a "Schedule A" company under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India.
Business Challenge:
Oil India Limited (OIL) has implemented SAP R/3 ERP solution to meet its business requirement. In order to bring in automation and transparency in its procurement process, OIL selected SAP SRM suite of applications to be used for e-Procurement.
In the e-bidding scenario the vendors shall be accessing the OIL e-bidding site through Internet using web browser. The initial web page shall have the login option for logging on to the e-bidding system in addition to general information. When the vendor selects the login option on the web page he/she shall be required to be authenticated suitably and all the communication from the OIL e-bidding site to the vendor machine shall be secured.
Solution requirements::
  • PKI-based form signing and file signing software components and digital signature verification software components.
  • Ability to sign MS-Word/PDF documents by digital certificate issued by a licensed Certificate Authority in India.
  • Ability to ensure secure web-browser to web-server connectivity to the OIL SRM web-server over the Internet using an SSL digital certificate.
  • Ability to digitally sign web form data and documents that will be submitted to the web server.
E-Lock Solution:
E-Lock provided customized version of DeskSeal Web to address the requirement of OIL to streamline its e-Procurement process. Using DeskSeal has effectively reduced the time required for the dispatch of contract notes. The SAP server generates the form to be signed in standard HTML format and delivers it to the browser on the client side. E-Lock solution has form-signing components that get automatically downloaded to the client machines. They support signing any kind of data using certificates from browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape or certificates based in smart cards etc. Once the client signs the data and submits it to the server, the server side components of E-Lock DeskSeal support verification of the signed data. The Data is authenticated and then processed further. The solution was customized to work with SAP environment on the server side.
  • Easy digital signing for the vendors via browser to authenticate the data submitted to the e-bidding site
  • Verification of the vendor signed data to authenticate the data integrity
  • Integration of the signing and verification solution in the present IT infrastructure without disturbing the workflow making the infrastructure more efficient
  • Securing the communication between the client and server
  • Compliant solution for the e-Procurement
  • Easy to install and user-friendly facilitating even the novice users to sign the bidding data without any prior training

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