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E-Lock SuperSigner SDK reduced the time required for several Government processes at NIC

Reduced processing time | Reduced Overheads | Increased Productivity
Industry : Government Application : Online Approvals
Region : India Solution : E-Lock SuperSigner SDK
E-Lock SuperSigner SDK allowed NIC to have faster exchange of information.
Customer Profile :
National Informatics Center (NIC) is a software arm for the Government of India. It provides network backbone and e-Governance support to the Central Government, State Governments and other Government bodies.
NIC decided to shift many of the government processes to paperless mode so as to decrease cost and complete the processes in a shorter span of time. They decided to first implement the use of digital signatures in-house
Business Challenge :
There are various reports, order, bids and memos, which are exchanged within NIC office and between NIC regional offices. NIC decided to shift approvals of memos / reports to online environment. It wanted E-Locks signing solutions for its internal use as well as to bid for various projects.
Solution requirements :
  1. Ability to review documents in an online environment
  2. Ability to sign and submit the documents to the server for verification
  3. Ability to archive documents on the server side
  4. Standards based (PKCS#7) signature support
  5. Support for trusted third party time stamping for signatures
  6. Encryption of confidential documents
E-Lock Solution:
E-Lock SuperSigner SDK met all the requirements of the NIC.
  1. Effective reduction in the processing time for approval
  2. Overheads associated with the paper work, such as printing, were also reduced
  3. Exchange of information became faster
About E-Lock:
E-Lock is a leading provider of digital signing solutions, which are compliant with worldwide e-Signature legislation. Founded in 1997 the company is headquarters in McLean, VA. It offers desktop and web based security solutions. E-Lock products are used across Government, Healthcare and Financial organizations around the globe.

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