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Use pioneering digital signature solutions from
E-Lock Technologies

Digital & Electronic Signature Software Solutions


Cloud-based Digital and Electronic signing and approval management platform

SuperSigner SDK

Signing API's that can integrate with any web based application


Automated, bulk signing software for signing large volumes of files


A desktop-based software for signing and mailing PDF files in bulk

Why E-Lock

Instant Signing

Instant Signing

Sign documents in a single click from anywhere, anytime

Security and Data Integrity

Security and Data Integrity

Ensure highest level of security and data integrity

Legal Validity

Legally Valid

Solutions that adhere to global electronic signature laws

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

E-Lock components seamlessly integrate with any existing or new third party application developed in C/C++/.Net/Java etc.

Complete Signing Software

Complete Signing Software

Include all features of a digital signature viz – user authentication, audit trails, data integrity, non-repudiation, time stamping etc.

Speedy ROI

Speedy ROI

Organisations achieve speedy ROI by cutting costs associated with paper documents

e-sign Act signed by Bill clinton

President Bill Clinton signing ESIGN Act using E-Lock product

The ESIGN Act was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on June 30, 2000 using E-Lock e-signature product. The ESIGN Act 2000 granted electronic signature the same status as a handwritten signature.

E-Lock is a pioneer and a leading provider of electronic signature solutions. E-Lock's global presence and its experience of over two decades in providing e-signing solutions to several Government and Business entities, provides it an edge over its competitors. E-Lock's suite of e-signature solutions for businesses and individuals, consists of online platform, stand alone solutions and middle-ware solutions. E-Lock e-signature solutions are compliant with most of the electronic signature laws around the world.

  • siemens logo
    Vikash Kumar Siemens

    Thanks a lot for your extended support. I appreciate all help you provided during this course. Truly Delighted with support received

  • US Air-force logo
    Peggy Bezold CFD Functional
    System Administrator of Robins Air Force, USA

    "E-Lock has always provided timely and top quality customer support. I look forward to continuing to do business with E-Lock"

  • Saic logo
    Jon Chastine EAI Corporation, SAIC

    "It has cut down on the time I spent printing, manually signing, and faxing corporate documents to my home office and other clients. The product is very easy to use and the support is outstanding"

  • Options logo
    Gard Bjering Options SA, Norway

    Great System!!! "Saving massive amounts of paperwork, quicker signing by avoiding to chase persons around the barge for signing the reports. People sign when they log on to their computer. (5000 reports were signed during 7-8 months work)"

  • MFSA logo
    Naville Aigusy Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

    We have procured E-Lock Digital Signing Solution SDK. The solution and support provided by E-Lock were found to be very good.

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    Florentin Stanciu Executive manager

    We are using the FormSeal application provided by E-Lock for seining transactions based on digital signature. The satisfaction level of the application and local support is excellent

Use Cases

Electronic Invoice Signing

Electronic Invoice Signing

Streamline your invoicing processes using legally acceptable signing solution

HR Documents Signing

HR Documents Signing

Digitize your HR processes to save time, efforts and improve employee satisfaction

Finance Process

Financial Documents Signing

Sign finance documents for customer satisfaction, cost cutting and efficient operations