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Class Description
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ProcessMaker work flow management software allows public and private organizations to automate form-intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems such as human resources, finance, marketing and sales, and operations. E-Lock-powered digital signatures have been added to ProcessMaker to allow Enterprise clients to securely authenticate forms, documents, and transactions.

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Adobe Systems Software Ireland Ltd.

Adobe Acrobat provides digital signature functionality through Acrobat plug-ins and an an open framework that allows third-party vendors to further extend these capabilities. E-Lock provides a plug-in to Adobe, adding value to their solution and enabling users to capitalize on the unique features of E-Lock's solution such as associating handwritten signatures, Digital Signature Policies etc.

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Advanced Encryption Technology

The SafeSign middle ware is designed to integrate digital signature tokens into numerous PKI-enabled applications in order to provide secure two-factor authentication on all major platforms.
SafeSign provides a standards based PKCS#11 and Microsoft CryptoAPI (CSP) implementation, fully compliant with leading industry standards and protocols, while being so flexible that it can be used with multiple smart cards / USB tokens, multiple Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows CE) and multiple smart card readers.

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SafeNet is a global leader in information security, protecting data at rest, data in motion, data in use, software and license management with the broadest range of security solutions in the world. The Company protects critical business data, communications, financial transactions, and digital identities through a full spectrum of encryption technologies. E-Lock Digital Signing solutions are compatible with SafeNet HSMs and provide most secure signing experience.


Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Aladdin Knowledge Systems now a part of SafeNet is a global provider of security solutions. It is a world leader in Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) and USB based Authentication Systems. E-lock's Digital Signature software when combined with Aladdin's eToken provides state of the art Two Factor Authentication, signing and encryption/decryption capabilities. The private key and certificates are stored securely on the token. They are used for signing or decryption only when the user successfully authenticates to the token. The private key never leaves the token, making it a very secure device for use by security applications.

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Tumbleweed Now acquired by Axway provides Validation Authority that ensures the validity and integrity of highly valued and trusted transactions. Validation Authority is a CA neutral, multi-validation protocol, extensible server for checking the validity of X509 V3 certificates within a business, bank, or government PKI deployment.
Validation Authority (VA) delivers a comprehensive, scalable, and reliable framework for validating digital certificates in real time. Validation Authority can validate a certificate issued by any Certificate Authority (CA). The Validation Authority is the recognized leader in the field and is deployed at the majority of Identrus member banks and is the most widely deployed OCSP responder in the DoD PKI.

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E-Lock has partnered with Samsung as its Gold Partner under The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP), which gives access to device features, and leading edge technologies on Samsung mobile devices. E-Lock will provide its SDK to be integrated with Samsung KNOX devices to enable login authentication with tandem to Samsung's retina and biometric scan and to enable digital signing on hand held PDAs


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