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Digital signatures for Manufacturing & Engineering

Manufacturing, engineering and automotive organisations are adopting digital signing software to automate different processes at their end to attain efficiency and cost saving. These organisations typically have employees located at different locations, and even if majority part of the process is converted to electronic one, the documents have to be printed and transported for approvals, leading to waste of time. The physical documents are difficult to store and retrieve in future. The Organisations can convert their processes to complete online processes by adding digital signatures to their processes. All types of documents generated in manufacturing, engineering and automative companies can be approved using digital signatures.

E-Lock digital signature solutions can easily and seamlessly integrate with existing applications to enable e-approval of documents from within any application.

Documents in manufacturing, engineering and automative sector that can digitally signed:
  • Design documents (generated in CAD etc)
  • Agreements, contracts, NDA's
  • PO's, invoices, bills, statements
  • Sales documents, tenders, RFP/ RFQ documents, commercial proposals
  • Engineering documents, technical documentation
  • QA and other reports
Benefits of digital signatures for manufacturing, engineering and automative industry:
  • Increase process efficiency by cutting down delays
  • Cut down costs and efforts involved in printing, distributing and storing physical documents
  • Go green by taking your processes completely online
  • Ensure document security, authenticity and avoid signature forgery
  • integrate digital signing into your existing applications/ ERP without changing workflow
  • Improve user experience

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