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Digital signatures for Government

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The use of electronic signatures in the government sector is aimed at reducing the time and paperwork associated with varied processes, such as submission of information documents. This has helped government agencies quicken their work and bring process transparency and improved staff productivity.
Several countries, including the US, the EU nations, India, China, Brazil, Peru, Turkey, are promoting electronic signatures through necessary statutory enactments. While ensuring the integrity of electronic data, this legal validity promotes electronic and digital signatures, essential for e-Commerce and e-Communication (viz. Directive 1999/93/Ec of European parliament and council). Regulations and Compliance
E-Lock Digital Signature solutions are compliant with:
  1. ESIGN Act (Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act)
  2. UETA (Uniform Electronic Commerce Act)
  3. GPEA (Government Paperwork Elimination Act)
  4. EU law (EU Directive for Electronic Signatures)
  5. SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
  6. Indian IT Act 2000
E-Lock Digital Signature offerings
Digital signature and encryption solutions facilitate secure, authenticated and trustworthy paperless transactions and communications between the government and public. E-Lock offers a range of digital signing and encryption solutions to meet different needs of the government agencies.
E-Lock solutions can be customized to attain the desired output. It's our sincere endeavor to understand your business needs and deliver exact solutions. If you would like to tell us more about your business objectives, or know how E-Lock solutions can be applied to suit your needs, please email us.

Implementation and Benefits
E-Lock undertakes a modular approach for implementing the digital signature and encryption solutions. This enables easy integration with existing applications, such as document management, e-applications, e-procurement, e-bidding, e-tendering, etc, without disturbing the current workflow, making them secure, trustworthy, authentic, compliant and cost effective. Benefits
  1. Reduced processing cycle time
  2. Reduced operational costs (costs related to paper printing, filing, faxing etc.)
  3. Easy electronic data management
  4. Processes transparency
  5. Compliance with worldwide e-Signature legislation
  6. Realizing e-Administration / e-Governance

Case studies from Government sector

  1. Chemicals Regulation Directorate - UK
  2. National Informatics Center (India)
  3. Oil India Limited
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